In Native Mexican and old Germanic groups it is believed our Reality is divided in different planes or worlds which are united by a holy tree. Placing the Gods on the top, mankind on the middle and in the roots the underworld.
Sinkholes are sacred for the Mayan culture, they are the entrance to the underworld as caves are places of power and transformation conceived as the entrance to the womb of mother Earth.
This cosmogony is symbolized in the shamanic Temazcal ceremony by the construction of an environment which evokes us to being on the uterus in a fetal stage.
This ceremony takes place in an hemispherical dome of adobe imitating the womb, it is there where the mother of purification creates life with water and fire. ( In English known as Sweat Lodge )
With analog photographic technique and photographic emulsion Ostrich eggs were made photosensitive.
As search of a possible psicomagic act in terms of the acceptance and integration of the own death as well as a symbol of the coming back and the re-integration into mother Earth of our physical and spiritual body, photographs of nude bodies were exposed inside the eggs.
Series of 7 Ostrich eggs treated with photosensitive emulsion.
Each egg varies a little in size, color and texture being around 17 x 13 x 12 cm

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